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Geomatics Engineering Society is the pioneering society of south-Asia, established in 2008 A.D. by students of Geomatics Engineering at Kathmandu University.

GES acts as a platform to develop the skills of students apart from their educational activities by focusing on activities like technical trainings, seminars, talk programs and interaction with experts from related field, sports activities etc.

Latest Works

Some of our latest works are showcased here. These are the works done by GES for betterment of the members and Geomatics Engineering field.
Thanks to all the responsible hands for successful happenning of these events.

Mapping metrics Award 2023

Congrats kathmandu university geomatics family

Latex Workshop

Workshop organized by 2022 team

What do we do?

These are some of the areas on which GES works.
However, we are always open to new programs and ideas for the good of society.

Seminars and Talk Programs

We have been organizing various talk shows/programs regarding career, new researches, guest lectures etc.

Training and Workshops

Various trainings and workshops related to GIS and other fields of Geomatics are organized.


GE Cup is organized on yearly basis by the club. Various indoor and outdoor games take place.

Reach to community

Our programs are not confined within university because we also do alot for the society.

Develop leadership

We are concerned about developing leadership skills by providing exposure through various events.

Offer help

Helping each other in various academic matters by sharing knowledge is also our primary aim.


How was your experience of visiting the site and what do you thik about our club and our programs.
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