LaTeX Workshop

Instructed by mukesh tiwari on july 28, 2022

The first workshop “Training on Latex” organized by our new GES commitee2022/2023 successfully completed with a total of 150 enthusiastic participants. So, congratulations and thank you for the enduring efforts, coordination, and commitment of all members of the GES committee, our trainers, and audiences. Learning the need to engage more students in developing quality technical and scientific documentation. GES had organized two days training session on learning the high-quality typesetting system “LATEX.” And with the valuable insights and guidance from our well-experienced instructor MR Mukesh Tiwari all participants were able to learn an overview of software usage.

The session covered a brief introduction about Latex, its application, and its advantages over other typesetting software followed by the use of preamble, different commands (from basic to advance), creating layout/formats, including graphics, table formation, bibliography management with BibTeX, slide preparation ideas on both the online and offline software. The sample documents, live presentations from the instructor, and guidance from volunteers helped all participants to use the software smoothly. The interactive session by our instructor and interesting queries and answers by the audience was all there to recharge the whole session. Well, satisfaction on students’ face and positive response from participants via feedback form by the end of the program was all there to show the successful implementation of our program.

Hoping that this workshop will help you develop a keen on exploring more about latex and to motivate you all to become skilled in this software here we access the videos of Latex training sessions completed in two different phases.