SuperMap Software Company in collaboration with Geomatics Engineering Society, has successfully conducted a webinar entitled "Envisioning Spatial Analysis Through SuperMap GIS: A new era of Geospatial Science." This webinar on SuperMap GIS, conducted for the first time in Nepal had international trainer from Indonesia, Firdausi Zahara Gandes, who has more than 5 years of Geospatial technology based experience. Various approaches on Spatial Analysis and basic operation through SuperMap GIS platform were demonstrated during the webinar. Dr. Subash Ghimire, Acting Head of Department of Geomatics Engineering and Dr. Reshma Shrestha, Assistant Professor at Department of Geomatics Engineering, had given the opening and closing remarks respectively, from Kathmandu University.
The SuperMap Team also provided the certificates and trial license of the software along with basic materials and data to the participants of the event.