Booster Grants are intended to boost the ongoing mapping and community-building activities of OSM groups in the Asia-Pacific region. With Booster Grants, the hub aims to support local communities that are already carrying out significant mapping and community-building work.

Booster Grant Mobilizing Committee Nepal had called for innovative ideas to be funded by the Booster Grant a few weeks ago. GES has submitted one of the idea entitled “Mapping Mahalaxmi Municipality in OSM And Its Applications in Mitigating Effects of Urbanization". GES has been successful for winning the ‘Most innovative Idea’ for the Booster Grant 2021. Representatives from GES have signed the contract for the project.

GES also extends the gratitude to the Booster Grant Committee Nepal for selecting the project and also to Open Mapping Hub - Asia Pacific, OSM Nepal and Kathmandu Living Labs for this wonderful opportunity